Fibroblast / Plasma Course

****Special offer Price, Limited Time: £1150****
Regular Course Price: £1500
Booking Fee: £250

Includes FREE Kit & Machine

Plasma Fibroblast is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment which offers an alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Fibroblast delivers results which rival surgical procedures, but with minimal downtime and without having to go under the knife!

Treatment is delivered using an electronic hand-piece; the plasma pen. The device uses a small metal probe to ionize atmospheric gas, producing a tiny plasma flash between the device tip and the patient’s skin. This minute superficial trauma causes the skin in its vicinity to tighten and lift, giving results that are noticeable immediately after only one treatment. The elasticity of the skin and skin tightening will continue to improve as the skin heals and repairs. More than just the tightening effect, excess skin is removed so the results will last as long as with a surgical procedure.

Treating everything from fine lines and scarring, to skin tags and smoker’s lines, crow’s feet and droopy eyelids. This is a completely safe procedure, suitable for all ages and most skin tones and an ideal treatment for anyone who wants to achieve a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion with incredibly natural results.

Areas to treat:

  • Upper and lower eyelid correction, Facelift and neck lift, Upper Lip
  • Worry lines, Smile lines, Nasolabial lines, Labial lines
  • Scar rejuvenation, removal of warts, freckles, sun spots and age spots
  • Tummy Tuck, Arms, Inner and Outer thighs, Lower legs
  • Knees, Butt, Breast, Hands, Forearms

Please note that you must hold a facial qualification to attend.